Wireless Router Default Settings [Login & Password]

Often times we buy new routers and shy away from reading the manuals. Even when read for the first, the manuals get lost and when the reset button is accidentally pushed, the search for the router default settings (login & password) becomes very difficult. I thought it will be helpful to write down some of these information here. There are lots of routers on the market but I am only listing the ones I have personally worked with. I’ll be adding to the list as more router settings are discovered.

Brand Name Model Router default URL Login Name Password
 3Com admin admin
 D-Link 713P admin <blank>
 Linksys WRT54AG, WAP54G <blank> admin
 Linksys WRT54G, WRT54GS,
WRT54GL, WRV54G admin admin
 Netgear admin password
 TP-Link admin admin
 US Robotic admin admin
 US Robotic admin <blank>
 US Robotic root 12345
 US Robotic <blank> 12345


I hope this helps someone 😉

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