Importing SQL Server 2005 Registered Servers to SQL Server 2008

One thing I have noticed trying to import SQL Server 2005 Registered Servers is, it always fail with errors. The import function is simply isn’t good enough.

To work around this, just do the following:

a) On the SQL Server 2005, shutdown the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and copy out “RegSrvr.xml” from this location

      “%AppData%\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools\Shell\RegSrvr.xml”

b) Paste the copied file in the same location where SQL Server 2008 is installed

    Windows 2003:

    “%AppData%\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools\Shell\RegSrvr.xml”

    Windows 2008:

    “%UserName%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools\Shell\RegSrvr.xml”

    **) You may have to create the folders: 90 \Tools\Shell

c) Open SSMS 2008 and right click “Local Server Groups” in the “Registered Servers” window

d) Choose “Tasks | Previous Registered Servers”


**) It is important to point out that the file “RegSrvr.xml” should be edited to clear all password references before copying into SQL Server 2008 installation folder.

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