Hibernate Your PC By Creating A Button on The Windows “Quick Launch” Toolbar

If you don’t know what hibernate is, please click here to read more about this very useful feature in Windows.

The Hibernate function in Windows XP Professional can make the batteries in your laptop computer last longer.

As there is no windows standard button for hibernate in Windows XP, we can create a custom button and place it on the “Quick Launch” toolbar. Follow these steps below:

1.) start the windows explorer by right clicking on “Start” and choosing “Explore”

2.) Navigate to “C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents” and create a folder called “MyScripts”

3.) In the folder “MyScripts”, create another folder called “Hibernate”

4.) Launch the “Notepad” (Start –> All Programs –> Accessories –> Notepad)

5.) Type the following in the new document:

@echo off
%windir%\system32\rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState Hibernate

6.) Save the file as “hibernate.bat” on this path:

“C:\Documents and Settings\stan\My Documents\MyScripts\hibernate.bat”

Don’t forget to choose “All Files” under “Save As Type”. Otherwise the file will be saved as a text file.

7.) Create a shortcut of the file “hibernate.bat” and place the shortcut in the folder “Hibernate” earlier on step 3.

8.) Ricght click on the shortcut and choose “Properties”.

9.) Choose to “Run” the script “Minimized”

10.) Click on “Change Icon” search the Icon of your choice. My choice is shown below:

11.) On the Windows “Toolsbar”, right click on it, navigate to “Toolsbar” and choose “New Toolbar”

12.) Navigate to the folder “Hibernate” and click on it. Click “OK” to Exit

13.) We are almost done! You can unlock your “Taskbar” and arrange the new Toolbar in any position you want.

14.) It looks very urgly for my taste. To make it look more nice, right click on the “Hibernate” Toolbar and remove the hack on “Show Text” and “Show Title” respectively.

15.) Just one more adjustment… Reduce the space occupied by the “Hibernate” Toolbar and lock the taskbar.

And the final result looks like this…

That’s it… Whenever you click on the Hibernate icon, your PC will hibernate and save you some battery consumption.


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How to create and use a button on the shortcut panel to make Windows XP Hibernate

Let’s start by creating a small batch script in an editor. I’ll use Notepad but any editor of your choice can be used.

1. Click on the windows “Start” button

2. Point to Program => Accessories => Notepad and left click on it.

3. Enter the following in the new file:

@echo off
%windir%\system32\rundll32.exe PowrProf.dll,SetSuspendState

4. Click on file on the top left of the editor and save the file as “hibernate.bat” on the desktop.

5. Create a new folder under “My Documents” and name it “MyScripts”

6. Copy the script “hibernat.bat” created ealier to “C:\\Documents and Settings\%username%\My Documents\MyScripts\”

Note: %username% = your username under which you’re login

7. Make a shortcut of the hibernate.bat file in the same folder MyScripts

8. Change the Symbol of the shortcut to whatever you want. But for the purpose of this tutorial, I’ll use the shutdown symbol.

9. While press-holding the “Ctrl” button, drag the shortcut from MyScripts folder to the shortcut panel as shown on the screenshot below.

Whenever you want to hibernate your “Windows XP”, just click the newly created button.

That’s it!

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