Flash with DD-WRT Linksys WRT54GLv1.1

This tutorials shows how the router Linksys WRT54G Version 1.1 (serial number starts with reflashing CL7B) with DD-WRT. Through this process, the capabilities of the router to be expanded. Flashing takes place in two stages: the first section needs to be flashed with the mini version of DD-WRT. The second section is then flashed with the standard version of DD-WRT. Warning: By flashing one can possibly lose warranty claims. Everything at your own risk. Details:

Netzwerkkabel an Port 1 des WRT54GL

The Network cable to port 1 (1) The WRT54GLv1.1 is connected to the power supply, which in turn depends on the socket.

A blue network cable is connected to Port 1. (2) Ports 2, 3, or 4 may be used as well.  However, port 1 has been chosen for this example and worked successfully. The other ports remain free. Better safe than sorry. The flash process should not be disturbed.

Netzwerkkabel am LAN-Anschluss
The network cable (3) is connected to the central unit. The computer is currently not connected to the internet, but only to the WRT54GLv1.1

DD-WRT Download-Sektion
DD-WRT Download-Section
(4) Now, connect to the internet with a second computer and click on the link: DD-WRT Download-Section.
(5) Note that there are several versions of DD-WRT.
(6) The current version is 23 SP1. Click on the version dd-wrt.v23 SP1.

DD-WRT Version 23 SP1
DD-WRT version 23 SP1
(7) This takes you to where other categories of version SP1 is been offered.
(8) This is a micro-version. This is for example made for the lousy WRT54G version 5. The WRT54G version 5 has only  2 MB flash memory. In the previous versions, there were more memory.
(9) Fortunately, WRT54GLv1.1 has 4 MB flash memory. For this reason, we can choose for the router modell the mini-version.
(10) The standard version is suitable for professional use.
(11) There is also a version for VoIP. It would be very interesting to know whether this version adds significant value to the standard version, if you want to use Internet telephony.
(12) And then there’s a version with OpenVPN.

DD-WRT Version 23 SP1 (Mini) downloaden
DD-WRT version 23 SP1 (mini) (13): We have to decide in this case for the mini version.
(14) A dialog box opens to download the mini-version of DD-WRT version 23 SP1.
(15) It doesn’t matter whether you “choose Open with CompressedFolder” or “on floppy / hard disk space”.
(16) Click OK.

Dateien sind heruntergeladen
Files are downloaded (17) For a brief moment will later be shown that all files have been downloaded

dd-wrt.v23_sp1_mini.zip extrahieren
dd-wrt.v23_sp1_mini.zip extract (18) on your own computer is now the packed file “dd-wrt.v23_sp1_mini.zip.” By clicking the right mouse button on the file.
(19) Select 7-Zip.
(20) Select »Extract here«

(21): Take a look at the extracted files. There are several router models for special specifications of the mini-version. If you want to flash a different router than the model discussed here, then you should better look on the Internet for other instructions. In the present case (WRT54GLv1.1), will be flashed with dd “-wrt.v23_mini_generic.bin”.

Auf Reset-Knopf des Linksys WRT54GLv1.1 drücken
eset the router by pressing with a pen
(22) the reset button for 30 Seconds.

IP-Adresse des Routers eingeben
Type the password »admin«
(23) and start the internet browser.
(24) In the address bar you type the IP address of the router. This is
(25) Now you will be prompted to enter username and password.
(26) The field with the username can be left empty.
(27) The Password is »admin«.
(28) Click OK.

Administration des WRT54GLv1.1
(29) Administration: You’ll be taken to WRT54GLv1.1 administration portal. You can see the standard software from Linksys / Cisco.

Auf Firmware Upgrade klicken
Click on Firmware Upgrade. One can see that the firmware version is 4.30.7. This is wiil soon be replaced with DD-WRT.

(30) Click on the “Administration” tab.
(31) Click on Firmware Upgrade.

dd-wrt.v23_mini_generic.bin Select (32) Click “Browse …”.
(33) The window “file upload” window opens.
(34) One would like the mini version of DD-WRT Version 23 SP1 upload.
(35) In this case you need to choose the generic version.

Pfad zur generic-Version

Upgrade to Internet Explorer

(36) This field is now the path to the generic version, with the WRT54GLv1.1 will be flashed immediately.
(37) Nearly one would now clicked upgrade. But wait! Stop! Still do not click! You have read on the Internet the information that one better to flash using the Internet Explorer and Firefox. Firefox is even, is not optimal. Better to use the Internet Explorer. Therefore leads to the steps (23 to 36) again again. This time not with Firefox, but with the Internet Explorer. Then you click the Internet Explorer upgrade.

Upgrade is successful

Upgrade is successful

(38) In the present case had to wait about 1 minute. Then shows the message »”Upgradeis successful.. “
(39) Click »Continue.

WRT54GL Login
Username is now “root” (39) After you have just clicked on CONTINUE, (40) opens the dialog box where you should enter user name and password to access the IP address can.
(41) This is an indication that this is the WRT54GL.
(42) The user name must be entered now root “. This is different than before in (26) than in the original Linksys firmware was installed. At the time, specify a user name does not need now is required.
(43) The password is still “admin”.
(44) Click OK.

DD-WRT v23 SP1 mini
DD-WRT v23 SP1 mini
(45) in the browser now indicates that DD-WRT v23 SP1 is final (16/05/2006) installed mini. So currently only the mini version is installed. In a further step is flashed on the standard version. Why so complicated? Why first install the mini version first and then the standard version? The reason is that the original Linksys firmware, a firmware upgrade is limited to a maximum of 3 MB. The mini version has less than three megabytes. The standard version has more than three megabytes. If you have installed the mini version, then there is no longer the limit to three megabytes. Then there is only the limit of available flash memory. In this case, the WRT54GLv1.1 is this flash memory (as said) 4 MB. The flash memory is sufficiently large for the standard version.

(46) Man goes again – as in step (4) – in the DD-WRT downloads section.
(47) One recalls that it had decided to step (13) for the mini version. What was the justification for this again? Oh right, the mini version has less than 3 MB. That is why you chose them.
(48) Now you may opt for the standard version.

DD-WRT Version 23 SP1 Standard

DD-WRT Version 23 SP1 Standard

(48) Once you have decided on the standard version,

(49) A dialog box opens, where you will be asked if you want the standard version of DD-WRT Version 23 SP1 download.
(50) Click OK.

(51) It takes a look at the files that you have just downloaded. In the present case, later the generic version is uploaded. It notes that in the file name is no reference to the fact that it is actually not the version 23, but about the Version 23 SP1. This is a bit misleading, but it is in “dd-wrt.v23_generic.bin” despite the inaccurate labeling of Version 23 SP1.
(52) On the screenshot indicates that the packet size is approximately 3.41 MB. So the standard version has more than three megabytes. It can be installed immediately, because the router is already the mini version of DD-WRT. The standard version can not be installed when the router is on the original Linksys firmware.

Click “firmware upgrade” – on “Administration”

(53) In Internet Explorer you are in the address bar the IP address of the router
(54) “Administration” – click “firmware upgrade”.
(55) “Browse …” button.

WRT54GLv1.1 Reset-Knopf drücken
Press the reset button

(56) Now you do for safety – just as in step (22) – a reset. 30 seconds with a ballpoint pen to press the reset button.

dd-wrt.v23_generic.bin auswählen
dd-wrt.v23_generic.bin Select

(55) They had only just clicked on “Browse …”.
(57) A dialog box for selecting the uploaded file is opened.
(58) You want the standard version of DD-WRT Version 23 SP1 upload.
(59) For the WRT54GLv1.1 is the file “dd-wrt.v23_generic.bin” the correct version.

Upgrade mit dd-wrt.v23_generic.bin
Upgrading to dd-wrt.v23_generic.bin

(60) The path to the file “dd-wrt.v23_generic.bin” now specified in this field.
(61) It is the warning message notes. A firmware update can take several minutes. Earlier, the fix lasted about 1 minute. Let’s see how long it will take now.
(62) Click upgrade.

Upgrading to DD-WRT 23 SP1 Standard
Progress bar moves

(63) It now takes about 1 minute, in which the progress bar moves back and forth.

Upgrade was successful

(64) The upgrade was successful. The message “upgrade successful. Unit is rebooting now. Please wait a moment …. “You have to wait many seconds now.

DD-WRT v23 SP1 Final std
Standard version is installed

(65) It is now in the browser. There is “std by the abbreviation” indicates that now the default version installed. Earlier, at (45) was the mini version of the words “mini” was displayed.

Summary: Flashing the WRT54GLv1.1 in two steps: First, flash the mini version. Then flash with the standard version. Flashing should be done with the Internet Explorer.

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