How To Make Bootable USB-Drive For Windows Password & Registry Editor

If you forget your Windows password and wonder if you’ll ever have the chance to log into your system again, well… this might be helpful 😉

We’re going to use “Offline NT Password & Registry Editor” to reset the password of user(s) we want. This tool is one of the best and fastest password recovery tool for windows (almost all versions). It is a windows console tool and easy to use.

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor


a) USB-Drive (must NOT be formated but advisable)

b) USB-Drive formating tool (optional) found here

c) Offline NT Password & Registry Editor (USB version). Click here to download



Skip step 1 if you do NOT want to format the USB-Drive

1.) insert the USB-Drive into your computer and use the downloaded tool (b) above to format it. It is advisable to use FAT32 filesystem

2.) Unzip the download “Offline NT Password & Registry Tool” into a folder called “usb110511”

3.) copy all contents from the folder usb110511 into the root of the USB-Drive

4.) Install bootloader on the USB drive, from command prompt in windows (start the command line with “run as administrator” if possible)

5.) type X: + EnterKey (where X is the letter of your USB-drive) to change directory to the usb drive

6.) type X:\>syslinux.exe -ma X:

windows command prompt

That’s it!

Safely unplug the USB-Drive from the second computer and use it to boot your system with the lost password.

It might be neccessary to adjust your BIOS settings to allow booting from the USB-Drive

Follow the instructions carefully to reset your password. Most of the default settings is safe to accept by tapping on the EnterKey. Be carefull to select the correct Windows system partition otherwise it won’t work. In some systems (standard systems from dell, compaq etc), the first partition (/dev/sda) is usually reservered.

Enjoy and best of luck!

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